• The Ultimate List of Dollar Store Deals

    Dollar Store Deals

    There are a ton of fantastic deals at dollar stores, but it can be overwhelming when you shop because everything seems like a great deal – which is simply not the case at all.

    This is a list I’ve compiled of the best dollar store deals. I hope it helps!


    • Bins & Baskets.
    • Silk Flowers.
    • Small Garbage Cans.
    • Picture Hanging Kits.
    • Multi-Purpose Lighters.
    • Shelf Liner.
    • Contact Paper.
    • Rubber Gloves.
    • Shower Curtain Liners.
    • Vases.
    • Tape.
    • Clay Flower Pots.
    • Seasonal Decor.
    • Photo Frames.
    • Microfiber Cloths.
    • Floor Protector Pads.
    • Gardening Seed Packets.


    • Aluminum Pans & Plates.
    • Drinking Glasses.
    • Coffee Filters.
    • Drinking Straws.
    • Food Storage Containers.
    • Jars.
    • Kitchen Utensils (Spatula, Large Spoons).
    • Bowls & Plates.
    • Chip Clips.
    • Mixing Bowls.
    • Pot Holders.


    • Children’s Books.
    • Colouring Books.
    • Glow Sticks.
    • Beach Pails.
    • Kids Sunglasses.


    • Plastic Utensils.
    • Balloons.
    • Party Decor.
    • Cake Candles.
    • Greeting Cards.
    • Tissue Paper.
    • Gift Bags.

    Health & Beauty

    • Cotton Swabs.
    • Cotton Rounds.
    • Rubbing Alcohol.
    • Hydrogen Peroxide.
    • Pregnancy Tests.

    Crafts & School/Office Supplies

    • Paper Clips.
    • Notepads.
    • Foam Board.
    • Craft Supplies.
    • Thumbtacks.
    • Glue.
    • Stickers.
    • Pencil Crayons.
    • Poster Board.
    • Crayons.
    • Pencil Cases.


    • Pet Toys.
    • Spray Bottles.
    • Paint Brushes (some).
    • Rubber Gloves.

    What are some of your best dollar store deals?

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The Ultimate List of Dollar Store Deals

  • ajchase says:

    perhaps a list of things that are not a good deal would be shorter 😉

  • Terri MacKay says:

    I buy all my ziploc bags, cling wrap, and aluminum foil at Dollarama. It’s also a great place to buy hangers and small waste bins for bedrooms and bathrooms.

  • Lisa says:

    Dollarama in London has Organic Soy “Milk” for $1.25 per Litre

  • Cortney says:

    One of the best thing I buy at the dollar store is clothes hangers, they are great quality! & for only 1.25$ how can you go wrong!!
    Also, food is another good one! Bread is always fresh!

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